About Us.

Dasa International is a trading company specializing in agricultural commodities from over one hundred suppliers across the globe.

Our professionalism, customer service, honesty, credibility and commitment to quality begins with our long-standing relationships with our suppliers. Our customer base includes further processors, wholesale and food service distributors as well as retail supermarkets. We have unique perspectives on all of our customer’s needs and upcoming trends in the marketplace.

We are here to assist those in need of specific and consistent supply of agricultural commodities. Our highly trained logistics personnel works hand in hand with carriers, steamship lines and distribution centers worldwide to obtain competitive rates for both full loads and LTLs. We value every one of our customers from the smallest companies to the largest in the food industry.

Our goal is to find cost-effective alternatives, provide contract deliveries and spot opportunities to expand your buying network. We procure with your best interests in mind and are here to compliment your purchasing efforts. Whether your needs are fresh, frozen, organic, antibiotic free or conventional, Dasa International looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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