Our Services.


Dasa International’s traders have multinational backgrounds which make it easier to understand the local business culture and are fluent in the language of the countries in which we conduct business. We speak a variety languages from English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. They are experienced in meeting customers’ needs and enjoy developing close working relationships with producers and customers around the globe ensuring competitiveness in a very price-sensitive marketplace.


From the farm or plant to your port, Dasa International’s skilled Logistics team gets products shipped on time to the four corners of the globe. Their close relationships with producers, cold storage warehouses, and both inland and ocean carriers guarantee competitive rates and service that delivers products efficiently to destinations all over the world.

Currencies and Futures

DASA International LLC manages its business through a series of best practices. Through its ability to hedge currencies and commodities DASA can create long-term pricing strategies for its suppliers and customers. DASA can also offer direct delivery to many areas of the world and invoice in local currencies to remove currency risk.

Documentation & Support

In the area of international trade, the transaction is never complete until the proper documentation is in order. At Dasa International, we guarantee that not only will all the required documentation be in order to allow for the successful importation of the goods but that documents will be received in a timely manner to ensure that your goods are imported in a timely manner without having to incur any demurrage or extra costs. The documentation team prepares the necessary documents for our customers to clear shipments from customs at the port of delivery. Our diverse trade support team is available to assist customers in ensuring particular import requirements are met and proactively resolving any potential issues. Our reputation for customer service is well known in the industry.

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